How did Anders get started as a DJ?


Growing up, if Anders wasn't strumming his guitar in the background of all sorts of formal and informal gatherings, he was usually taking over the role of DJ. So when he began playing live music professionally, it was a natural decision to begin offering professional DJ services as well. As a live musician, Anders's talent is playing music that people want to hear. Over the past 10+ years, he has collaborated with DJs countless times to deliver a quality and seamless musical experience for weddings, parties, and corporate events. During this time he began to study and better understand the work of DJ'ing and in 2014, officially began offering DJ services. Since that time, Anders has developed a simple and personalized DJ experience that always meets the tastes and standards of his clients and their guests.

What is Anders's approach to DJ’ing? 

Anders takes a simple and tasteful approach to DJ'ing. This means that he provides everything you need for a satisfying musical experience and nothing that you don't. Anders provides a quality sound system, emcee services including introduction of the wedding party and all other announcements, wireless microphones for speeches and toasts, and the ability to get people up and dancing. As far as music selection goes, Anders will work with you to build a personalized playlist that matches your musical vision for the evening. Anders does not provide the typical DJ banter, dance instructions, and cheesy jokes that often ruin the ambiance at an event. He also doesn't rely on props or unnecessary sound effects. This is because Anders believes that the focus of the night should be on you and your guests, not on himself.

How does Anders choose the music?

Anders believes that the music at your event should be music that you love and want to hear. Crazy right? Anders encourages his clients to provide as many musical preferences as they would like. Of course, he is always happy to provide his own recommendations and can also provide lists of most requested songs, event-specific playlists, and ideas for special songs and ceremonies. Anders can also work comfortably with very little guidance if that is your style.

What kind of equipment does Anders use?

Anders works with high quality professional audio gear. A pair of Peavey PR12D powered speakers are used for the high and mid-range frequencies and a pair of Behringer B1200D-PRO subwoofers are used for the low end. Anders also provides wireless microphones for toasts and announcements. As a digital DJ, all music is played off a laptop using professional DJ software. This means Anders can play virtually any song that is requested ahead of time. He can also accommodate most requests at the event itself if an internet connection is available.

For weddings, what does Anders wear?

Anders typically dresses similarly to the average male guest at your wedding. Since he is also a live musician, tuxedos aren't common attire because they limit his movement. Most common outfit: Dress pants, dress shirt, jacket and tie. If tuxedos are a must, that can be accommodated at an additional cost. If less formal attire is expected at your wedding, please let Anders know so he can dress accordingly.

When will he arrive to set up?

For weddings, Anders typically arrives 1.5 to 2 hours prior to the start of the ceremony which provides plenty of time for setup and preparation. For all other events, Anders usually arrives 30-60 minutes prior to the agreed upon start time. If you would prefer an earlier arrival time, that is usually no problem. However if it's significantly earlier than the start time, an additional charge may apply.

Can he stay overtime if needed?

Yes, you may extend the length of the DJ set until the time is just right to end your event. Typically the overtime rate is $100/hr unless otherwise agreed upon.

What if I just want the DJ services, no live music?

Given that Anders is primarily a live musician, typical packages include both live music and DJ’ing. However, a DJ-only experience can be easily accommodated upon request. Just ask for a quote!

Don’t see the answer to your question? Ask Anders directly using the booking form!